Is coinmarketcap intentionally miss calculating ETNs marketcap to keep it down?

Take a look at this video and how this guys is disovering how there is suspicion that coinmarketcap is possibly calculating XRP incorrectly. he suggests there is insider involvement !

I think this is a terrible video from a terrible coin and got nothing to do with CMC. XRP is a way overhyped coin. XRP hype that banks us it, all I found on that is that they play with the coin in the back room while IBM are creating the future in banking. XRP is one of the coins that will fail and the one no one thought could fail, just wait and see.

CMC got their parameters they us to calculate coins value. It is not perfect and it only tels the average price on the coin and value the market the coin got. CMC do not tel about how good a coin are or if the team drive white or yellow cars, only value in trade. If there is something CMC do wrong with XRP it is that it is on CMC.

I dont want to nuke XRP if it is an asset you are a big fan of, but XRP is rising some concern for me when

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This is things that will nuke the price of XRP during 2019-2020

After all this i never mentioned anything to do with XRP you missed the main point regarding CMC

Ok, but for me it only sounds like a guy that is not happy with the price and blame CMC for it. CMC choose the exchanges they want so they could make the product/services they means reflect the market in the best posible way, is that market manipulation? Can the korean exchanges been manipulated and that is the reason they was removed? i think this youtuber is only salty

you can think what you like thats your perogative , but nothing to do with the discussion !

But what is hes point? That CMC is pushing down the price, all the prices are easy to check with the exchanges. I dont get one confirmation that CMC is doing any wrong. I checked CMC my self and I can find the big Korean exchanges, I can see the trading volum and it match.