iOS Cloud Mining query

Hi all,

I downloaded the iOS app the day that the tweet went live to use and have been using it on and off (I disabled the mining for a short period as I thought that the mining rate was slow and had to re-download and log back in after I couldn’t start to mine in the app again after stopping).

I’ve had it running / mining now for 29 hours and only mined 0.05ETN… Does this seem right?
Also, when I click ‘Extend’ on the app, nothing happens.

I have 5 days and 19 Horus left to mine and ‘Extend’ is green, I was assuming that the ‘Extend’ button would add on another 24 hours onto the time left to mine.

Anyones thoughts or opinions regarding this would be great.

@Rach Maybe mods can help with this.

Thank you BigBrother.

I downloaded the app and started it up and after the a day of mining I managed to get to 0.02ETN.
Actually, thinking about it, that makes it worse. That means that in 29 hours I have only managed to mine 0.03ETN.

I just wanna see what other people are getting, I know it will never be consistent across the board, just want an idea of what is the average.

At this rate it would take 50 days for a single coin which is worth 0.005p (GBP) at this moment in time.

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I am doing 4ETN per day? Iphone 6

That’s what I would expect. Seems an ok return.

I’m using an iPhone X but shouldn’t make any difference at all. Just seems strange.

My friend have today too problem. He clicked to stop mining and couldn’t start again… He tried to reinstall but nothing help him… And too have for 6 days less than 0.5etn.

one of my colleagues has the same issue, but mine is working like a charm… maybe it’s a bug ?

What devices are they using?

I’m guessing iPhones as it’s an iOS app but do you happen to know what model?

I can’t imagine it’s software related as we have a user above reporting 4ETN a day using an iPhone 6.

My friend have Iphone X and have beta version of ios 12.2 and when he click stop mining and want to start again only shows LOADING and nothing more, reinstall didnt help to him…

That’s exactly what happens to me.

Does anyone else have any more information?

I’m guessing this is a wider spread issue.

You need to make a support ticket