Instant Pay + Cryptopia Integration: Securing income

Hi Everyone

In an effort to secure ETN profit on e-commerce sales I’ve been playing around with integration into the Cryptopia API.

Basically, when a sale is made on a website using the Instant Payment API, I’m automatically connecting to the Cryptopia API and checking a few things (available ETN, open orders, order amount greater than minimum trade size, etc) and if everything checks out, I sell the same amount as I’ve just received at the current bid price, effectively locking in the profit of the ETN I’ve just received.

Below are 3 screenshots in the process:
Successful payment by customer


Cryptopia order confirmation in store backend


Trade confirmation on Cryptopia

This whole process requires that you maintain a relevant balance on the Cryptopia exchange in order to place sell orders, and you can only place orders for a minimum of $1 on the ETNUSDT pair.

I would love to hear your feedback on this method if you have any.

Thanks in advance

Wow great thing I think a lot of people is waiting for this. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Together we are strong and have great ideas for growth… :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


This is great! The fact you can get up to the moment data on where the ETN is at is awesome! Something like this will make the transition much easier for some people to want to use! Great idea!!!


That is a great idea, @benjaminoo @Egg guys take a look at this.

Keep it up my friend!


Well done man. This is great!


Looking forward to see how all fans out ! :slight_smile:


I’m wary of tether right now…

Just to get the idea; does it mean for me as a customer that I can buy stuff with ETN and you as a seller get the amount of ETN immediately converted into USDT?

If yes, than brilliant! This is really necessary!! Cryptopia can be a struggle for some in order of technical skills etc. But this problem will solve over time I think. Well done!


That’s correct Bernard, a portion of your ETN balance on Cryptopia will be converted to USDT automatically.
You will however still have to go through the process of withdrawing the USDT from Cryptopia at some stage though, but at least it’s tied to the dollar until then.

Having said all this, it is worth investigating USDT a bit further as they have had some scrutiny this past year or so. Fortunately we can sell ETN for whatever currency/crypto that it has a pairing with on the exchange if you would rather choose a different option.


Hi Matt, do you have a video of this? It’d be great to see it in action while you talk through the process.


Would love to see that as well

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