Instant Pay between ETN wallet and Exchanges / API vendor prices

I’m really excited about the new Instant Pay vendor system… This should be offered to our exchanges so when we want to transfer ETN back and forth we can do it much faster.

Also, This may have been discussed, maybe not… But VISA, MC, AMEX etc. all charge their vendors fees when people make purchases… will the ETN Vendor API have any fees / percentages? If so, what? If not… market the heck out of that as an alternative to expensive credit card payment options… Vendors may really try to persuade people to pay with Crypto instead!



In a recent interview with Crypto Rich, Richard Ells that although he reserves the right to charge vendors for a small fee with ETN transactions, he will do it farther in the future after the team has acquired millions of users. This is help the project progress at a much faster speed.

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