In app Airtime sales


Suggestion: Electroneum does not need to partner with mobile networks to sell airtime. They can simply register as a reseller and then sell vouchers for all the local providers in the electroneum app. Resellers get the airtime vastly cheaper and so electroneum can actually generate a profit by selling airtime inapp or they can make etn purchased airtime cheaper than other providers and therefore more attractive to electroneum users.

If so was electroneum I would forget partnering with all the stuck up networks and simply register as resellers and add all the local networks in app. This way instead of forcing electroneum users to get a new simcard from a relatively new player they could add existing networks.

This will already make in-app purchases more popular.

I understand electroneum is giving networks the change to join the party but that might me not the best idea. Bypass the networks and sell their airtime and make a profit doing it :wink:



I believe that this is a valid point but they may have a plan where they need to tick off certian boxes to gain credability which isn’t just forcused on airtime top ups and maybe they will expand into other areas once the business model has been defined and show as valid.



This is a interesting thought thanks for posting, could you explain the reselling of vouchers from local providers to local merchants. Are vouchers a data amount or fiat amount loaded? So you become a reseller of vouchers and that gives you access to multiple local provider vouchers? So in a sense the reseller(Electroneum you saying) could accept Etn for the voucher which is loaded with airtime or data offered by multiple local providers(users preference- c cell, mtn, exc)?

I’m not sure if they’re able to sidestep it this way because they’re not a reseller they’re a digital payment. So you can pay for data in Etn but Electroneum is not directly selling the data I’m pretty sure. They are partnered with a data provider who accepts Etn for payment.

You bring up a very interesting point and perhaps local merchants will accept Etn and do this in time. I believe working directly with mvno’s is best because they’re being recognized and accepted as a payment method and not selling someone else’s product.

To your point about forcing users to get a new sim. This is a big selling point of the Electroneum M1 imo because of the dual SIM. The user is able to keep their sim carrier while benefiting from the Electroneum ecosystem. So they do not have to give up anything. Yes this does mean they need to get the M1. But imo it is a great selling point. More mvno’s will accept Etn as payment over time offering more options within the app. You bring up a very good and interesting point though I do wonder if somehow this could be created. But I’m not sure if it would be within Electroneum to do this or local merchants, imo local merchants over time will adapt and use the Electroneum ecosystem however they can benefit. I am interested in hearing more about how merchants become resellers of vouchers and what all that entails.



You’re onto it @PrestoCrypto.
Its not focussed on the phone or the data.
Thats all being done offshore so they can focos on the ecosystem and the payments system.
Phone and data us nearly a symbiotic relationship…not the profit maker.

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