I was shocked when I saw this on coinmarketcap

Lol. My heart really jumped.

I think it was a glitch


Momentary Multiverse overlap, one day will look back on this with a wide grin, knowing you saw the signs…


Haha that more like a dream… will happen one day anyway

Haha. I had a big smile on my face when i saw your post.
I was bit down, its Sunday evening have to work tomorrow, but i’m happy now. You’ve made my sad Sunday to a happy one! :slight_smile:

Wonder when will that day come! 10 dollars would be awesome!

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Hello all!

I’m ETN enthusiastic and I’m really happy that ETN finally rise up! But if someone here can help me with an explanation I’ll be very glad, do you think that ETN can slow down again and returns to aprox US$ 0.004 ?

Or maybe it’s good wait more for sell the coins? I think that will be a good strategy to sell all if the prices show down again… but with uncertainty…

Anyone could kindly clarify ?
My english is rusty… Thanks =)

Hi, personally I would advise you to keep your coins aside, I think that during the year it will go up well and easily pass the 10 centimes by this summer, after know a personal opinion so be careful when even

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Thanks Sylvain for your prompt response.
But do you believe that the coin will be stable from now to next weeks and months? In your thoughts do you think ETN will down or up In the next week ?

I want learn to understand the graphics to plan withdrawals or buying more…

Hello, I think the trend will remain bullish I do not say its by working the charts, but given the strategy put in place as well as the projects in progress, in my opinion it is very possible that we will reach 5centimes next month, and I don’t think the values will drop below the 2 centimes maximum given the televised promotions in the United States as well as in Africa for AnyTask I think that there is a real attraction of the Americans for the platform given that Africans can provide more attractive prices for services than elsewhere given that it is a poor country for themselves offering low-cost services remains profitable, all of this will result in the fact of a constant increase in the price circulation of the coin therefore the value of the currency according to me :slight_smile:

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Thank God it isn’t that price as theres no way for me to cash my ETN out lol

You can cash them out via exchanges.

Not with a locked wallet. lol

Haha. I wish I can lock mine for 2yrs to avoid the temptation to withdraw

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