I think I sent too much ETN from my online wallet. Stuck on "Retrying" status


So I sent some ETN to a few paper wallets I set up for some cold storage.

However, I have only KYC level 1 sorted so far. Just doing level 2 now and will complete level 3 soon.

When I complete level 3 will the transactions go through ?


And are paper wallets created before this update still valid ?

Jeez… I have myself worrying now…


My funds are gone after wallet update ,what to do


I saw a post from ETN saying that your balance might not be correct and to wait a while for it to update.

I hope your ETN appears soon for you.


it is…paper wallet do not have expiration…
we are still on kyc soft launch so you can still send etn out of your mobile wallet without complying to kyc but after that it will be compulsory…
if you think the problem still persist then you can contact etn support


What is the deadline date for KYC?