I need help to contact support:

  1. In the instructions it tells me to do this:
    “We’ve assigned you a boring username - take a few seconds to change it and upload your avatar (a selfie!). Posts from users with photo’s are more likely to be answered by other members of the community. Just click the round “U” icon (top right) and then the cog icon.”

I can’t find this U icon in the upper right hand corner…It’s simply not there? all I see is a magnifying glass symbol, 3 horizontal dashes, and the number 4: How can I comply? I’m on Win 7 and using Firefox

  1. next it states this: “I’m only a robot, but our friendly staff 1 are also here to help if you need to reach a person” so I clicked on the blue our friendly staff which takes me to a new page…and at the bottom of that page it says this: "In the event of a critical issue or urgent matter affecting this site, please contact us at (link I’m not allowed to post here). so I clicked on (link I’m not allowed to post here) hoping there was some sort of email support system but when I click on signup or login it just takes me to (link I’m not allowed to post here)
    at the very bottom of the page I click on “Support Tickets” but it takes me to a page that blinks for a mili-second then goes to a white screen (I have done this a dozen times; the problem won’t go away).

It seems like I’m in a black hole with no way to get out…all I’m trying to do is get a simple answer and for the life of me (an ETN holder since almost the beginning), I can’t seem to find a way to get in touch with support…

Rather than posting my important question here, can anyone please tell me how to get in touch with a real person (not a bot) to get my support question answered?

Thank you,


Your user pic is the large number 4 this is randomly generated should be a U , press that then either goto the cog ( gear wheel ) that should take you to preferences where you can change user name , pic profile etc.

Or press the 4 icon top right click on the assigned user name , then using the drop down box on the left hand side most likely will say activity , click that and find preferences at the bottom.

Yeah that link is to raise a support ticket , it’s also on the bottom of all pages .

Also to find areas to read and discuss

Click the 3 lines then select which area or use the magnifying glass to search so
No black holes , no worries if u need help just ask the following people

@MSystem , @ETNbot @BegaMutex

Or reach out to this community were a good bunch and will help out where we can…

Hope this helps



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @ETNbot display help.


Here’s the bot. :point_up: , just follow his directions if u need assistance , and no one replies


Dear 4719d216daf1934aadd5,

There maybe an issues with your browser for improper display, perhaps without displaying your personal details/wallet addresses you can explain what it is that you are trying to do so that we can direct you to the right person.



Thanks for jumping in quick , I’ve explained the best I could . Hope it helps



Thanks Chris !

Your help is much appreciated



Thank you very much Chris.
I appreciate your help,



Thanks again,



Thank you also; M,



No problems glad to be of help :+1:



I sent this to support, but since I didn’t get a reply; thought I would try here :slight_smile:


I have been an ETN holder since close to the beginning:
I have completed KYC level 1.
I did everything YOTI required for level two, but there is no way to upload any documents past the passport…do you provide a link on the website to upload things like bank statements, utility bills, etc after reviewing what I have already done?

It seems like when I did everything for level 2 that YOTI required, that on the ETN back office it would show something like “pending” or now you need to do something else or “complete”…anything to let me to the progress so I can move on the level 3.

Please help…thank you,


Hi Warren @4719d216daf1934aadd5 Did you scan the yoti qr code with the yoti app ?

If so check in the app under Activity it should say shared with etn


If it’s in pending the account levels will show where you are at


Pending etc


Yes I did. :slight_smile:


Yes, that is what mine shows; complete on level one, but nothing else.

How long after doing all of the YOTI steps does it usually take to see “complete”
show up in level two?

Thank you,


See edit above check yoti app if it says shared the. It’s on its way to the etn team and will be verified soon.
Log into etn on your computer and click…

Settings on the left ( cog )
Then goto your profile
And check identity verification for ticks like the image above


It took mine 24 hrs to complete , the team have thousands to go through so it could take a while.
Does the yoti app say shared ?



I don’t understand what you are saying…sorry.
What do you mean by this sentence: “See edit above check yoti app if it says shared the.”?

“Settings on the left ( cog )”? On my phone app, the cog is on the right top.
I clicked it, but never see a profile section? I went thru everything…


Sorry , I’m using my phone stupid auto correct keeps putting words on I don’t want …
It should read

See edit above check yoti app if it says shared then It’s on its way to the etn team and will be verified soon.

On your p.c Click settings on the left of the screen
On the page that opens its the 3rd one on the right it says " your profile "