I need help. I get an error code of M400

Whatever you are doing with that screen recording MP4 is not working. Seems you really are having some technical issues. Are you using the etn app on your phone? And also using the forum on your phone?

Right. What do you think?

I don’t know what to think.
I’m not able to see anything.
Did you send a video somewhere?

Have you enabled Electroneum app permissions on your phone’s settings?

The app has been working since inception. As you can see, I have nearly 100.

The problem started last week when all of a sudden, it wanted me to take a photo. I used one they offered and none took.It will not let me go to use another suggested images.

Support does not help.

They told me to use the forum.

I am at a loss. We’re talking pennies but that’s not the point.

I suggested to do another KYC but to no avail. Just weird.


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So when you took a picture of yourself it wouldn’t let you send it in? Or it got rejected?
I’m not sure what you mean by you used the one they offered.

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To be clear: When the app asked you, you took a picture of yourself doing the gesture the cartoon man was doing and you also had the paper with the symbol drawn in your hand all visible? Thanks. We are just trying to get a clear idea.


Hi, please raise another ticket.

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The non payment of the 100 in near time (within say 12 hours) seems to be reasonably common. Any explanation (or fix ensuing) for this?


A ticket has been made.