I missed Richard Ells


I Duly missed Mr Richard Ells Talking / Updating us about what’s next and most importantly his handsome face.
Who else feeling same?


We may not have seen Richard for a little while, but Chris Gorman is great!


I need to search about The Man you’re talking of? Anyway who’s Chris Gormam?


Chris Gorman is Richard’s director and secret weapon. He is the main reason behind the success of the mobile market drive and has more business experience credibility in the mobile industry than any person both in and outside of the crypto market. He is also an Officer of the British Empire, knighted by the queen herself. When the man speaks it is in people’s best intrest to listen.


I also like to heat Chris Gorman speak about ETN and his passion to the project. Always nice to see view from different prospective. I think Ells is more for announcements and public introduction and Gorman for participation and assuring deals. Together prefect match for ETN :grinning:


Wow your choice of words are incredible for that matter I’m giving you thumb up and distinction


So He’s more or less the engine and the driver of etn shuttle, well let’s fire it


I would still call Richard Ells the engine and driver. If I had to use a metaphor for Chris, I’d call him the map.


I think ‘engine oil’ is perfect for him


ETN needs both equally. You need working product and sell this product to the world. @Cryptoman976 I relay Like yours metaphors. :grinning:


Officer of the British Empire. It means his official title is “Sir” after being knighted by the Queen of England. Sir Chris Gorman…but don’t expect him to dawn any armor and start jousting anytime soon;p You are more likely to find him in a local pub celebrating the future success of ETN :slight_smile:


Officer of British Empire wow, then he’s a great man