I dont like oex


i dont like oex because price of etn is always quite less than on any other exchanges, what can be a main reason of that?


Lack of Trade Volume.

If someone was to go there and sell just 50,000 ETN, the price would crash to less than 2c. If there is not enough people on that Exchange who has buy orders set above that level the 50,000 ETN sold would eat up the tiny amount of Buy orders forcing the price lower.
On the other hand, if you wanted to buy some ETN, over there you would get more etn for your money than any of the other Exchanges.
However if you wanted more ETN than was in sell walls, you could push the price higher than 2.2c since you ate the coins for sale between 2c and 2.2c. This is why people use higher volume Exchanges over low Volume Exchanges.


thank you for a great answer :blush: