Hyped project OMG with its unbanked usecase now struggling with NO PRODUCT and pretty much forgotten!

This was one of the most hyped projects on Ethereum that was suppose to help the unbanked well it seems like its fallen favor with its investors , looking more like a dead project ! I remmeber how allot of the FUD against ETN back in 2017 was based on how inferior it was against OMG , well a year on and it seems ETN stands stronger than ever and the real hyped shitcoins are biting the dust !


This can be said for almost every project in the top 100, let alone the top 10 itself. Nothing but lots of hype promise and fan following due to ill-advised investing during the crypto run up. Now that all the crypto hype is receding we are starting to see which projects are real.

Before the real projects can really shoot up the charts, we need to see the capitulation and loss of fan faith in these no product empty promise $hitcoins. A lot of people put a lot of money into these projects and they won’t let it die easily…but as time goes on, they will because most of the current top coins are already obsolete.

So long as your project is a real company with an address, a dedicated team that can be held accountable, funding and a use case…you have a great chance of success with your investment in the not so distant future.
There are a few good ones out there out of the 2500+ projects. My personal favorites are ETN, TUBE, and CS. I know there are others, I’m not saying there are not…but these are the ones I know best and am behind 100%

None of this is financial advice, it’s simple common sense :slight_smile:

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I focused on this specific project as they are trying a similar usecase in regards to give banking to the unbanked thus a direct competitor to ETN , that was my trust , your point about other projects is frankly obvious !