How to purchase ETN In Thailand

Is there an exchange or outlet to buy ETN in Thailand? If not what is the best suggestion to purchase from outside Thailand on a foreign exchange?

thanks heaps

For low amounts of ETN, you can use
Just register and trade. No KYK AML.

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thanks but that won’t work for my friends. They won’t know how to trade. We need something easy for them. I have suggested anytask of course but some people just want to buy and hold .

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Do Biki exchange work for them ?

I think it will be tricky to teach them how to use it. Maybe doing something with a debit card would work better but the fees are high and Thai people don’t have much money. We really need fiat gateways more than anything these days. We used to be on Indacoin but that looks like not any more. Maybe changelly is the way to go with a card. There is always coins…th to buy bitcoin but they they need to know how to use it to do a trade… crypto is hopeless right now…


Maybe that is why ETN is on Rank #181 for there are plenty of features but in fact, they obviously do not bring value to the coin, like for example, Brazil was announced as a great opportunity to give access to 100s of millions buy top-ups, but all of this including Anytask still does not work, even amount of new registered people does not help ether.
I found on Facebook group an interesting explenation of the situation which I give to you for consideration:

“There is nothing to drive the price up. ETN is designed to be dumped. Broke people earn ETN on Anytask and dump it for airtime top-up, electricity, or if they are savvy and not so broke they can afford to “HODL” some crtpto, they will dump their ETN for coins that are actually increasing in value. Also, NGO’s mine ETN and dump it. The entire project is designed around dumping it”

Miners of many cryptocurrencies dump on the market. That is how PoW blockchains are designed.

Also the price of ETN is fairly constant. Thus the dumping on the market (=supply) is roughly equal to the demand. Eventually when there is really buypressure and many tasks bought, the coins on the market/exchanges are moved to the wallets of the people working on Anytask. Subsequently decreasing supply on exchanges and this will drive the price up. It does not matter that they use the money at a certain moment, if they use it, it will be beneficial for the ETN network.

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It’s probably not fair to single out ETN as they are doing a lot more than any other project out there right now. Getting adoption to take place is the only way coin projects can be successful and that takes a lot longer than people like. There are other coins you can pump and make money on right now - the entire top 200 has changed with so many new projects that came out of nowhere and don’t do much but allow speculation. When people use the coins for buying things and they end up back on the exchange that isn’t such a bad thing anyway as you have an economy working. The more new people who sign up and start to buy coins the smaller the supply will become and the price will go up in time.

It’s a bit harsh to say that people are dumping the coin. When you talk about the ngo’s selling their mining rewards that is no different from any other mined coin being sold. People are annoyed about the price right now but it seems to me that the project is far in advance of what anyone else is doing. This isn’t about making fast money, its about building a sustainable economy. That takes years to do and people get impatient when they see other coins go up.

The reality is that those fast money coins never work out in the long run and people end up losing. I would rather be in something that builds for the long term then some new fad that vanishes quickly.

I actually think there is a ton of jealousy towards ETN and their successes. People love to fud etn but etn never fuds anyone else. In fact they invite success from other projects as they know that the more success stories there are, the better for the industry as a whole.

I tell people if you can’t be patient about it then just sell and go for the fast bucks elsewhere. It’s up to them to decide what they want. I have seen a ton of interviews and done a ton of research on what ETN is doing and no one else can match them. Right now they are doing TV ads and tons of new people are signing up. No other project has a working project with an adoption plan and tv advertising is the real icing on the cake.

A good crypto project with have great funding, a great deve and support team, and an adoption plan. ETN has all those things. Hang in there. The future is going to be very bright.


How can this situation happen that is decreasing supply on exchanges when the coin is constantly exchanged for fiat?

As more people use etn more coins will be in circulation and you will see the coins going from person to person rather than the majority being done on the exchanges. It’s very early days for this project. People are using etn in local ways too and as that expands you will see more coins in circulation and prices going up. Its not a big deal - this is normal progression for the project.

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Yes I would agree with this if only the coin happen to be extremely popular among the unbanked, but in order to happen we would have to see 10s of millions of registered people annually and not a mere 0,5M, otherwise, it will not happen during our life time. :smile:

Yeah of course the long term goal is to have 10s of millions for sure if not hundreds of millions. Look how many people have registered accounts though and then go look at the top 200 projects and see how many wallets per coin and how are they making the project work other than people riding the pumps up and down… One of the biggest hurdles in the regulatory stuff and ETN has gone that route in order to be legit and get partnerships with big companies. No one will be able to get those big contracts without the kyc and aml stuff. Expect to see ETN on amazon one day and other big companies as well. Its just too early to be judging it. I would say to people wanting fast money go for it but also hold some ETN as your long term investment. Always diversify and don’t get to involved with the money side of things in an emotional way too. Try to stay detached and see the different projects for what they are. I am a holder for sure and my plan is to travel one day and be able to spend etn most of the places i go. I don’t think many projects will get the kind of global reach that etn will end up with. I mean what is litecoin really doing or bitcoin gold or tron or eos - how are they going to make people want to use thier coins? Most of them are useless all saying they will do the same thing with smart contracts or some such bs. etn is a day to day instant payment system and that is going to be the most sought after attribute in a new economy.

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Again I do agree with you which does not happen too often, but then would not we observe more intense adoption approach towards Africa like a year ego, the car wash pictures and shops in Africa, it all suddenly stopped?

Hard to say about the plans. In some respects you have to just let the company run its business and give some trust they know what they are doing and they have a plan to achieve the goals. Its easy to look at it ffom the outside and it may not seem like they are doing what you want but I have found that they are always working on the best solutions to take the project forward. Some focus may change and adapt but in the end they know what they need. I would say for example applying for binance and coinbase etc will happen one day - its just a matter of time, using the regulation path to get fiat gateways in countries so locals can easily buy etn , finding new partners with out lets to use etn like 7 11 and chains like that. I am sure it will happen. It just takes a long time to make those partnerships happen and its a legal nightmare as well. I don’t think anyone really understood how hard it would be but it is happening. Big announcements will keep coming and the slow buildup will become faster and faster . Its all about the ground work now. I am pretty pumped about it to be honest because this is a coin I want to use day to day and globally. No one else is doing this.

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