How to give back ETN to the original ETN foundation

I would like to give back all my ETN to the original Electroneum organization. I logged into my ETN wallet but can’t find a wallet address for the ETN foundation. Does anyone know a website that lists the Electroneum organization public wallet where I can send all my ETN?

If you want to donate ETN, you can use the teams site to give to a worthy cause. I’m sure they will make good use of anything donated, small or large. :+1:

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I did try the donation website. When I try to donate the available balance in my wallet, I get the “insufficient balance” message below. So I can’t zero out my wallet balance using the donation web site. Any suggestions?

Transaction Information
There was a problem processing this transaction:
You have insufficient balance to proceed with this transaction.

You currently have to leave 5ETN when doing a transacti on in the online wallets. (this may change if you move to the new go-eth Smart Chain.).

If you are leaving 5etn and it still wont let you, speak to support and they will get you sorted :+1: