How long until Electroneum Ltd is out of ETN?

With the price of ETN at just $0.00378, how long until Electroneum Ltd is out of money? Has anyone calculated a burn rate to estimate when the company Electroneum Ltd will be broke and ETN discontinued?

Their recent financials were released last month. They have a little over 40 Million in crypto left. Basically the same amount they had at ICO.

ETN is good to go.


I think… his question was about Etn coins… when the giving away will finish? That is my understanding :wink:

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Regarding the mobile miner coins: The community are not able to calculate this as the algorithm for coin release is not in the public domain.

Richard has said many times that the amount of coins released is strictly controlled and monitored to ensure the Mobile Miner has enough longevity to meet its goal of feeding mass adoption.

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