How can we increase hash rate on electroneum mobile mining app?


Most hash rate on Android mining app remains at 29 to 32. Can it be increased? Have your say please.


Hi this is actually a decent hash rate you are getting, you cannot increase it though. Its estimated on the power of your phone as your phone is not actually mining. I have a Galaxy S7 and mine sits around 30H/s I normally get 10coins every 2-3days. Hope this helps


I’m pretty sure the hash rate for most devices are about the same no matter how powerful the device. The only way I’ve increased my earning on the mobile app is through referrals.


I came across something really awesome to help you with referrals since we can not increase hashrate.

Check out the PDF below. Its a referral card print out that can hold your referral code and be given out to others.


You have may a good point. I use infinix and my hash rate is 30.46 - 31.


@retsemssA. You have nailed it. Referral is very vital in gaining more mining and hash rate.


This is awesome. I will try it. Thanks a million times.


The team made a change so the lower end phones got abit of a bump to try and kept it abit fairer guessing this is 30H/s but correct me if im wrong I think the max hash rate you can get is 50 for phones with high end hardware.