How big your wallet you wish to be?


Personally I possess a couple of hundreds K of ETN, I’m going to get something around 1M, for I think you need to have a lot of them in order to make you reach when time comes.

How much are you aiming to get ?


I buy every month till the price reach 0.05 $ so i dont have a real number .


The same here with one difference that I have mining rig that accumulates me each month over 30K ETN on average so 0,05$ limit will not stop me from mining ETN. If this situation keeps going for 2 years I should get over 500.000 ETN from mining alone :smile: .


I slowly keep buying also when the prices are right i honestly don’t know my end goal either i just buy here and there when i got money to spare :slight_smile: and that isn’t bad at all to mine that much ETN @MinerETN :rocket: now just have to hodl on and get more while prices are low and patiently wait for its rise up :sunglasses:


I previously said in a post I had 75k ETN and was happy with that.
Guess what guys… I know have 100k ETN as I have made another purchase today.
This is definitely it for me now. Even if the value drops more, I’m not purchasing again. I’m happy with what I’ve got.
I earned 600 ETN with my mobile miner since April and have spent £450 to take me up to the 100k.
If it all goes wrong I can afford to lose my stake, but I beleive in ETN and expect big returns.
Not this year, probably not next year but they will come.


Personally i think you made a good decision @Zero7 :sunglasses:


I bought at $0.18, $0.16 $0.12, $0.07, $0.06, $0.04 $0.006, $0.005,


Would like to get to 50 million coins but feel that number is going be slipping away as our price increases. Should be able to hit 40 million coins before Monday but feel we may start to see a surge in price coming as we starting getting bigger investors. If you go to the exchanges you will notice that the buy orders are starting to build at numbers we have never seen before. $10,000usd right now will get you close to 2 million coins, I don’t know about you guys but right we have a major of small time investors. Jan 06, 2018 we went from 0.123267 to 0.229125 in 5 hours with a trading 24 volume of $48,002,900. What will happen when we have $100 million or $500 million trading volume in 1 day? Just wait guys the super whales will come and don’t be surprised what happens! :wink:


We are getting a nice pump at the moment. Is this your doing? :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not alone, but yes putting lots of buy orders in and having some friendly competition on getting them filled. The price keeps moving up, but it is nice to 10’s of millions of ETN buy orders filling the books! Hopefully we can push this market over 100 sats todays!



No worries ETN is still at $ 0.00526718 and do not do it before I get at least 1M guys :grinning:


i feel you @Tanwax same here :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t want millions , 100k would suit me perfectly. It’ll take a long time to get that but it’s better than wasting it on booze or crap …


Love you brother but that statement about not wanting millions of ETN ranks right up with one of dumbest things I have ever heard! 100k Etn is good 1 million is better! Trust me on this! :scream::whale::joy:


It is dumb @M-Kid I know but living and dreaming beyond my reach is pointless. I could reach 100k but 1mill for me is beyond belief and impossible and therefore can never be reached ( by myself ) 20 years in a factory has busted my hips and back so I do what I can when I can … Life sucks but a smile goes a long way.
They do state spend only what you can afford to lose so I have done that .

I dream of bigger numbers and for the long haul. For those who have millions I wish you good luck and best wishes.

(Secretly my heart breaks hahahaha )


Agree especially when the price would’t reach that high mark as we want, then every million make decent money, other words you need millions when the price is low is that simple, but this rule does not apply to M-Kid as he is going to buy whole planet with his all ETN :grinning::whale::whale::whale:


Hahahaha @MinerETN very true , hey as long as he is buyin the price is rising , which is good for bacteria like me hahahhahaha


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Ps spasibo!