How about updating News page on website?



I am a supporter or ETN and will continue to be one.
As with may ETN holders I have faith in Richard ahus team and share his vision.
One thing is really frustrating to me. Electroneum website will be the first place many will visit if they are curious about ETN and its mainly good.
The NEWS page however is out of date.
The last item is from 29th June about the fork.
This gives the impression nothing else has happened.
It takes very little effort to update the page once a week, or a month.
Come on, please.


Agreed! Website news section updated more regularly please.


Agree with you both. Sometimes is good too update the roadmap with some important points - some are missing. And they can write some article about alcoinbliz or IDK for what we are joining this competition…


I totally agree with the statement it needs to be updated


make them hear our voices… vote for it


I see absolutely no difference to the NEWS page, oh well, deaf ears.


Yess it should be updated in weekly basis


Come on team shake a leg :slight_smile:


I also think there should be a link to this community forum somewhere in the main website.


Link is there but at the bottom… We need it more visible at the top of the page :wink: it’s nice that is here over 2000+ members yet


Haha true true. Didn’t notice it.