Hold on to your pants it's about to get wild

Fiiiiiinally… it’s awesome to see. Especially as I am a whale he he (always wanted to say that)
Hope it stays up !
The more real the project the less it pumps and dumps but slow & steady wins the race we hope
Thank you


ETN Everywhere looks awesome



It IS getting wild! 0.1??! Wow!
Can we push to $1.00 now?!

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I think ETN can be easily 5 dollars in the future but it will take a while . Remember at a dollar the coin market cap would be 21 billion or so which makes it number 2 coin. It will likely take a while to get that kind of money into the project but I am sure it will happen.

I’m really enjoying seeing the price of ETN increasing but I wonder if someone could explain something… I’ve only got a basic understanding of economics so ETN’s model has me confused.

There is a high circulating supply of ETN to keep the value of individual ETN’s manageable (so end users don’t need to work to ridiculous decimal places like with bitcoin when buying things - 0.000000233 ETN for a logo to be designed on any task would be confusing and hard to manage for every day non-crypto folk)

So ETN is a low-value currency

Significant price fluctuations are surely a bad thing for a low-value currency? As investors we want fluctuations, especially to the upside, but invariably that comes with periods of downward price action too, which could come very quickly, and that’s surely a bad thing for those actually using ETN in the real world? Currently ETN has gone 230% in the last month - that’s great for someone in Africa for example who sold a few car washes or fulfilled a few anytask jobs a month ago… but what happens when the opposite is true? They could lose half of their earnings…?

I imagine the ideal would be some sort of happy medium with a gradual increase in price brought about by increased demand from Anytask, mobile top-ups, etc… but with people like us able to buy / sell hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of ETN at a time at exchange and impact the price in such a big way, is ETN stable enough for the end user?

The dream is that organic use of ETN reaches levels so high that investors buying / selling has little effect on the price but at the moment it doesn’t take many exchange transactions to effect the price

one solution would be that whenever you get your etn you exchange it right away to your local fiat or to a more stable crypto or buy goods/services ASAP

Excellent points.
And does not the cloud mining/airdrop ETN create a constant downward pressure on the price ?

Mobile Rewards and Block rewards are indeed the inflationary elements of the coin…increasing circulating supply.

10 billion divided by 10000 = 1 million
If the 10k users on this forum decided to own each 1 million etn they cant since there are people who own more than 1 million and we also have a lot of users who own less than 1 million.
Because of this 5-10$ its possible in the future.
Ripple had a market cap of 130 billion USD …that market cap will put us to~ 12$ per etn. Everything its possible in crypto and btw Ripple is number 3 on CMC.


Oh thank you Professor and those are excellent facts and figures.
I think what I mean is that I just cannot see myself being that lucky !
But this is crypto as you said
Also but what about the fee cloud mining crypto always dumping (downward pressure) on the price ? People buy less because they getting some free?

You will not be so lucky. You will sell long before etn reach 1$ . Because of block reward reduction the next 1 billion etn will take about 3 years to be mined.

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I could not see the logical connection.
The price goes up if more people buy than sell and it is as simple as that. If the mining rate is slow that is even better for the price since there is less supply…
Also I can wait 5 years or longer.

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