Hold on to your pants it's about to get wild

Yeah its been doing great price wise last month and the big push is coming. This will be a big year for ETN i feel.


So exciting! Time to get ready for the ride!!!


Now number 60 on coinmarket cap. It’s powering along now. Let’s see if it will hold the price . I remember when it shot up to 400 sats a while ago we hit pretty high on coinmarket cap. It won’t take a lot of investment to get up really high. With all the work the company has done i feel like we are on a huge break out now.




Really pumping now and reward numbers are up regularly now too. So good to see.

I hope the coin hits 1 dollar this year… it seems to be doing a pretty good job holding its own amongst the big sharks.

A lot of work needs to be put in though.

(My first ever comment in the community) :blush:


Anything is possible. The team has put in a ton of work and the big marketing push is coming soon. Signs are good for the project . 1 dollar would push ETN into the top 3 and require a ton of investment. It’s doable.

Welcome @Tomilade! Always great to hear from new folks in the community! :+1:


“shill-alert” homeboys :drooling_face:


Those dance moves! :man_dancing:

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I do realize I’m a old-man ICO ETN shiller, BUT what if ?

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With the infrastructure that has been established and more being developed, Electroneum feels like the only crypto that is truly set up to succeed. I’m not looking for that type of growth in the short term but I expect it over the course of 3 to 5 years.


:100::+1: that’s a good first post.

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Jurassic Park 4 News

This is exciting to watch, not to mention what this is doing to the 'ol portfolio. :heart_eyes:

One person leaving a company doesn’t mean much. It’s not usually good to speculate about these things. Just sit back and enjoy the ride


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Thank you.
He was special I think so still seems odd I thought and mixed in with illness
Sorry to be dumb but any idea why price is pumping now in particular ?

ETN Everywhere has launched but not sure what else is going on to cause it - just hard work paying off I think.

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