HODL Rocket. Free ETN for playing a game

Just saw it on fb. You can get free ETN for playing this game on android (and IOS?).
Every 1000 points translate to 1 ETN if I got it right :slight_smile:

EDIT: Seems like I got it wrong. Its planned for the future thoough. Thanks @ManzAli


Pretty cool.

Wow bro! Other show … Super fun I loved the game. Good tip boy! Great, :heart_eyes::clap::clap::clap:

You are wrong
They don’t give ETN for every 1000 coin collected as of now

It’s future plan


No it’s not, it’s right now. Check their Facebook page post on 10/22/2018

Hey, HODL Rocket players! Whether you’re old/new to the page and game, please follow the steps below to start earning Electroneum with HODL Rocket DAILY with our brand new upgrade!:

  1. Download HODL Rocket on the App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. DM us your game username (once you create one) and your wallet address which can be found when logging into your electroneum wallet. Please send a message to us as soon as possible with this information, so we may save it to our database directly.

  3. Earn as much Electroneum as possible through HODL Rocket before payouts which will be this SUNDAY at 9:30PM EST. The leaderboards will also reset at that time and you can earn as much Electroneum as you’d like for next week then repeat forever until further notice :slight_smile:

  4. REMEMBER, FOR EVERY 1,000 IN-GAME COINS YOU EARN IT EQUALS 1 ETN. So, for instance, if you score 20,000 IN-GAME COINS for this week 20 ETN will be sent to your wallet this Sunday (10/28/2018) at 9:30 PM EST before the leaderboards will reset, so you may start earning again for next week and so on and so fourth until further notice.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know down below or just message us. :slight_smile: #TeamHODLRocket


So what’s up with the Guest14649 score of over 100,000,000 for a single game?

I wish too start playing better than miner which stop mining every time when i check if I am online…wow this player is really skilled :wink: i think that they need some rich donator bcs it need a lot of coins…

Its possible to make about 1000 coins per hour so it means if you play 10 hours daily you get about 10 coins daily… I dont know where they take so much coins for this donate game :wink: maybe something from advertising in game but… who knows maybe they have rich donator…

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I have a competition for total 100 ETN coins. Who make video like this with score 600+ without booster at beginning ( watch adds and get 120 second boost) get from me 25etn. It’s for the 4 players who are faster and skilled. It can take just 5 min and you will earn 0.6etn from creator of HODL rocket and bonus 25etn if you make 600+ and have video proof and upload to YouTube and give me link and your adress :wink:
Watch example :

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I don’t think that is right as I read before on his FB page every 10000 point on game it’s equal to 10 ETN , Every 20000 point worth of 20 ETN .So we need some clarification on that .

They created this game 8 months ago. In September they came with improvements and offer for every 10 000 coins 1 real ETN. And at the end of October they came with another improved reward system and offer to us for every 1000 coins in game 1 REAL coin. You can ask at their Facebook page I am in contact with creator :wink: but for popularity I can help with my giveaway for 4 lucky and skilled players… Weekly you can earn 50 coins if you have time… Creator get money from advertising or maybe they have donator :slight_smile:


Is this game still active ?
I got no answer from them on facebook