HitBTC Confirmation


Hitbtc just replied to a tweet on Electroneum

Check out - https://mobile.twitter.com/hitbtc/status/1043178199973339136?s=21


cool,- it’s been listed on there for a while in the background just not actually working yet - doesn’t hurt for them to confirm it again though :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. Just retweeted to my 4500+ Twitter family :slight_smile: waiting another pump :smiley:


Hopefully they will not leave us hanging this time :smiley:


So many good things are happening with ETN right now, exciting times!


Everyone hold on tight! The price seems to be skyrocketing right now after that tweet :rocket:


We are back on 1st page of coinmarketcap… #68 currently


Fantastic news , not just for the price but it should shut the fudders up


great news surely we are going to moon soon hodl hodl hodl


I dont trust Hitbtc.


HitBTC tweeted again https://twitter.com/electroneum/status/1046747765521485825