Help with cli wallet

I’m a newbie and I would like to try to use the cli wallet. I have read all the tutorials and believe I understand it all. But just wanted to ask a quick question before diving into it. I read a few posts about people that have their blockchain files getting messed up and causing them problems so a suggested fix was to always save and exit the programs correctly. But none of the tutorials even mention doing this step. Can someone please tell me if this is a vital step and if so how should it be done, and in which program electroneumd or cli wallet? I hope I described my question good enough lol

If you use a remote node with CLI wallet then this is not a problem

Thank you very much.

Hi there and thank you. I’ve updated our Electroneum CLI guide, should you ever need these directions again, they are located at the bottom of the guide :slight_smile:

@BegaMutex Thank you boss