Has anyone recovered his/her etns from cryptopopia?

Hi folks
Has anyone recovered his/her etns from cryptopopia?
I am still waiting for my etns to be returned
Is there any hope?

There is always hope. Follow the process.

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they are due to post a quarterly update this month but I am pretty sure everyone will get their coins back eventually. The legal process here in nz is walking down a path they have never had to walk before so there is a lot of uncertainty about the process. Everyone will have to do kyc again to get the coins too.
the last update is here


That’s too bad because I was not kyc certified
I have only my user and password and my Google authenticator to access my account.

There must be a way. Stick with it. Fight for what is yours. Good luck.

I don’t think it matters what you had before but to get the coins now they want everyone to do kyc when the time comes to return them. Just keep following the updates and see how it plays out. Should be ok.

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Still problematic for kyc
Because my country is Iran and most exchange don’t provide services to us.

Not sure why its problematic for you - they will simply ask you to provide your id and they will send you coins to your wallet address you provide.

Most of exchange don’t let Iranians to open account due to American sanctions over our country
This is the main reason that makes me worried.
Let’s forget speculations and wait for the Fate.
Everything is prewritten and fixed.(my point of view)

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