Had an Idea for ETN in shops!

So i was walking into my local supermarket and was picking up some products and saw they had codes on some packaging that you could redeem for cash or like a coupon against your next purchase.

So i was thinking what about an idea of adding codes to packaging which would allow the purchaser to redeem for ETN so that you could use for your next purchase or to pay for your data package on your phone ?.

It could perhaps accelerate ETN into stores and into the public conscientiousness. Ofcourse this would need partnerships to enable ETN to be redeemable from their products but the idea could be used on any product from a bar of soap to a Ultra High Definition TV etc

Neat idea thats one way to slap ETN in the face of an unsuspecting citizen lol


yeah exactly that , so you would get viral marketing of the brand in store as a added benefit

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Great idea , I’m sure before long we will be sick of seeing etn on everything hahaha

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I really liked this idea. @ETNCEO any thoughts on this ? :grin:

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I’m curious regarding what the marketing consists of. I know that Richard masters it to perfection, so I believe they won’t need a whole lot of money invested, because they can reach the desired audience by thinking outside the box.

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