Google reCaptcha on the Electroneum website

Recently I have seen some Chinese users living in China that complain of the inability to login to their Electroneum account.

One reason for this is the internet firewall in China set up by the Government to block some western based websites.

One way the Chinese users try to bypass this is to use VPN and unfortunately the Electroneum website does not work with a VPN.

So it means Chinese users or even foreigners visiting China won’t be able to login to their Electroneum accounts due to the internet firewall blocking the Captcha service provided by Google.

So what is the solution the Electroneum team can provide for people in such situation?

Perhaps enable a human machine verification process that works in China on the Electroneum website.

This is very important if mass adoption is the drive for Electroneum.

@Jonathan @BegaMutex

Thanks for posting @CrypFx … appreciate the heads up

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