Gig Guru - What Can You Do?



We all know the Gig Guru site is just around the corner, Richard has intimated it will be live around the time of MWC’19 which is only 2 weeks away now.

For the site to be a success, the community needs to get behind it.

So… what can you do for the Gig Guru site? Start having a think about it.

I got a 3D printer for Christmas so might set up a gig offering this as a service. I need to move it from the study to the garage first though as it’s too noisy to be in the house!


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Great idea for a thread :+1: I agree the community is going to need to show support so there are gigs to be offered initially and give it that “appeal”. I will need to think more of what personally I could do. :thinking:

I’m very excited for the gig site to go live :+1:


Hvac repair courses.


Writing strategies and proofreading.


I’ll take your gig :+1:


At least offer whet ever services competitors like Fiverr, Freelance and Upwork do but make them redundant as Gig Guru should not take any service fee. What Gig Guru instead offers is a free platform where people are able to exchange services through the medium of ETN.

It’s obvious that if you freelance on Fiverr and for every 5 dollar Fiverr charge you 1 dollar that you will look for alternatives.