Getting Badges - Move along


Just ignore me I’m hunting badges or please post along with me now.

Please Come to this place to help Practice getting your badges

Look at


Hahaha this made me laugh :+1::wave::zap:


Hi glad you liked it a lot :grinning:


Got an emoji!! :+1:


I see you joined today welcome to the forum ! :+1:


Thank you how long you been here?


Click on my picture it will go to a summary of the users(my)profile


Will do how many badges can you get?


Since August! That’s quite a while.


On the top right of the screen click the three horizontal lines it opens and there is a tab that says badges that will transfer you to badge list :+1:



Thanks I will take a look and go down them @PrestoCrypto

Did the start licence bot!!


There are also threads discussing how to get them if you run into an issue :+1: have fun and welcome to the community forum :zap:


Thank you! This 20 chars is annoying


I wonder how you reply by an email to a message?


I don’t believe I have done that one yet you can search it there is probably a thread about it


If not you could create a thread asking :+1:


Will look for it am slowly going down the list! :blush:


don’t click this link