I am not sure what to think about this…I have mixed feelings on it. Big brother at it’s finest.


Its already in place.
They track every movement.
Every purchase.
Tracks and restrict shopping and the ability to travel .
Restricts the content you can view, upload and download.
The system in place now is facial recognition.
This is the next step up.
Tron (TRX) is going facial recognition as KYC.

This is not a conspiracy theory in any way shape or form.


Yeah…no thanks. I don’t like it. What is that saying about power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely? Not cool


Massive population.
When things get out of hand it tends to happen like a stampede.
The government had to implement a form of self policing.
It works.
I myself am for it on one hand and against it on the other.

If you abide by the system it rewards you.
If you rebel it restricts you.
Its a case of “Evolution vs Revolution”
The Chinese are all for “Evolving” in a controlled situation.

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I would have to disagree. When the Chinese market stops copy catting every product on the planet with cheap knock offs and starts producing original products on their own, then I will believe they are for true evolution. But that is for another topic.

Aside from that, I am not for any government or group of influential people having technology to have ultimate power over anyone. That isn’t evolution. It is censorship by identification and suppression.


I agree that ultimate power by sensorship and suppression is not evolutionary…not by any standards.

I only agree that some form of monitoring is the only thing that works for them in a step towards self policing because of the size of their population.


If the public had rights to use the same system on government employees, I would be more for it. But that opens up a pandora’s box in itself. But I absolutely agree that the government should fear its’ people, not the other way around. That’s the only true way to ensure they are making moves in your best interest. But again, it’s a little off topic so I digress.

In any case, I’m still not a fan of this technology in 99% of cases. The only reason it should be used is to track those that endanger the public’s physical well being…but even that could open a pandora’s box of speculation and false detainment…uhg…sometimes I hate technology.

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Where public monitoring systems and facial recognition technology has been applied in Australia, the crime rate and subsequent level of physical policing has dropped enormously.
In the case of anti terrorism applications it has saved so many lives already and given physical policing the abilty to focus on other matters.


I can completely understand that which is why I believe it is good on one hand. But I go back to the power corrupts statement. Good intentions can be manipulated over time. But I agree, if used for the right reasons this is awesome. As with anything good, the problem ultimately comes down to people…and the government is comprised of a lot of those ;p


holy shit. getting pissed on planes will be prohibited? altered sense of gait? XD

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next they will be labeld with vechain Qcodes… to earn extra VTHO

optimized gait for proficiency while consuming carbon neutral food for energy consumption earns highest VTHO

more synchronized gaits at airports mean more consumers getting to their planes faster

introducing GaitToken (GAIT)

ok… none of this makes sense as your article has nothing to do with airport security security (I just read the headline). For some reason intoxicated cough i believed I was looking at an image of automated gait scanners at a Chinese airport. The only reason I picked up on my nonsense was the fact my partner asked “what were you laughing at?” so I read it out to her while she sat on my lap…

time to tend to dinner, later bruv ^^

Good grief…twenty squirrels

Big brother has finally arrived … There are benefits to this as stated above

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