FREE CRYPTO.....Coinbase Earn Link


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:tada: 10 X ETN comunity Top up 100 MB for South Africa

Something constructive and profitable to do in your spare time.
This is the genuine link.
No catches.
I do not benefit in any way.


Thats the basics of it.


In order to create an account on coinbase do you have to provide identification or can you do it kyc-free upto a limit?@Pahini



Looks like i’m gonna have to wait till 2021 till i become 18.
Coinbase account is added on my bucket list now along with Electroneum.


Dont rush those prime years.

Do it with a parent.?


I joined this 3 weeks ago , still waiting an email to say im in.


My parents already have an account and is all in on crypto.
So i think i’m just gonna have to use their account.


The one thing i love about the cryptospace is that i can earn regardless of age.I want to earn a decent pile of crypto now and hodl.And one day , in the future i’ll be glad that i did it all by myself.My current investment in this space and ETN is $0.


Well its free.
Nothing to be sneezed at 3000 Electroneum roughly.


Already claimed my free BAT and 0x, Z Cash coming soon.

Each one only takes a few minutes, not bad at all!

Thanks for posting this @Pahini. I was just about to and saw yours. :+1:


Im still waiting for an email from them !!

Some can just go in and earn …



I got my invitation emails last night and will go through the content while “working from home” today :slight_smile:


I think it took a week from when I “signed up” until I got the first email. Honestly didn’t even touch it until they added BATs a few weeks later.


Still havent had one lol


Got my $16 of free crypto now and learned a little too.

Any of you guys use the Brave browser?? I hadnt heard of it until i did the BAT training. I normally use Chrome so like the idea its based off that


Been using Brave for over a year now, heard about it from my regular podcaster:

Guy is very switched on to crypto, and who ultimately convinced me to finally take the plunge.

I actually like the previous version better, before they switched to chromium. Feel like the ad blocker worked better too. Still my go to browser across all devices though.


I been using it six months …
Love it.
Sooo much faster…probably 2X


Thanks guys, i’ll give it a go :slight_smile: