Fix: Failed to open portable binary, trying unportable

I couldn’t find much information about Electroneum portable / unportable CLI wallet WARNING online, so I thought this might be useful to anyone experiencing this issue in the future.

What Happened: Briefly, my PC encountered a BSOD (Blue Screen Crash) a few nights back and I had been in the middle of syncing my ETN CLI wallet. Today when I attempted to re-sync my CLI wallet, I noticed a new file in the …/electroneum-win-x64-v2.1.1.1 wallet folder with the extension unportable.

i.e. myWalletName.etn.unportable

After the Daemon (electroneumd) had updated, I went to log in to my wallet as normal using the CLI (electroneum-wallet-cli) but a warning message flashed and the window quickly closed.

Checking the log (electroneum-wallet-cli.log text file) and scrolling down to the appropriate date and time gave the following errors & warnings:

INFO logging contrib/epee/src/mlog.cpp:148 New log categories: *:WARNING,net:FATAL,net.p2p:FATAL,,global:INFO,verify:FATAL,stacktrace:INFO,logging:INFO,msgwriter:INFO
INFO msgwriter src/common/scoped_message_writer.h:103 Wallet and key files found, loading…
WARN wallet.myWalletName src/wallet/myWalletName.cpp:2561 Loaded wallet keys file, with public address: etn***************…
WARN wallet.myWalletName src/wallet/myWalletName.cpp:2598 Failed to open portable binary, trying unportable
WARN wallet.myWalletName src/wallet/myWalletName.cpp:2617 Failed to open portable binary, trying unportable
ERROR msgwriter src/common/scoped_message_writer.h:103 Error: failed to load wallet: basic_string::_M_replace_aux
ERROR wallet.simplewallet src/simplewallet/simplewallet.cpp:1401 failed to open account
ERROR wallet.simplewallet src/simplewallet/simplewallet.cpp:5061 Failed to initialize wallet

To Fix: The fix is really rather simple and shows the benefit of backing up.
First off as good practice, make a folder named OLD in the …/electroneum-win-x64-v2.1.1.1 wallet folder and copy the 4 wallet files in there. You really don’t need them, but I think its good practice not to immediately delete anything until you have made sure you fixed the problem.

The 4 files for clarity are

where “myWalletName” is the name you gave your wallet.

Now simply copy the 3 older backed up wallet files to the wallet, log in and re-sync the wallet after the Daemon is synchronised.


You will see any newer transactions that occurred since you backed up your wallet being imported and when it is finished your CLI wallet will be restored and functioning as normal.

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