First Annual Electroneum Gala


@RSKNOR @PrestoCrypto @Chefbaker @JonneHex @Pahini @Buckizard @Tanwax @ComoChingAZ

Walks on stage and addresses crowded auditorium

We extend a warm welcome to all of our guests! We thank you for arranging to be at this historic event. What a time it is to be part of the Electroneum family. The Gala is a celebration of you, the ETN community. And what a celebration it is turning out to be!

You all look stunning tonight. As you know, we will be giving out awards throughout the Gala all leading up to MWC 2019. In our first category, we asked you to bring your sharpest attire to the red carpet and you did not disappoint!

Who will be the winner of the first award of 100 ETN???

…Hold on…I’m getting a message in my earpiece. …Folks, it seems that our generous sponsor did not mean to give 100 ETN as a prize…Oh dear, I’m sorry…Hold on, WHAT?!

Ladies and gentlemen, the prize for each award won will now be 1,000 Etn!!! 10 times the original amount. What an event this is turning out to be!

Without further delay, the first winner is…

Rips envelope open

AND THE DRAMA CONTINUES! WITH 14 COMMUNITY VOTES EACH @Tanwax and @sallypinkhair are tied!

We will need your help to decide the winner! The following poll will close in 12 hours. Pick your favorite!

In the meantime, the speech portion of our show has now begun.


  • Tanwax
  • Sallypinkhair

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@Storm @Thunder 20 @BigBrother305


Voted …

Good luck to both of the nominees…


Voted as well. Good Luck to all


Voted. Good luck guys!


Voted bwahaha Yarrr!!


I voted too…tough one


Just a reminder



Hope I’m not too late. Took awhile to dig up all my jars image


This is such a difficult vote! @sallypinkhair’s outfit is awesome! But so is @Tanwax and he gives us so much fomo! Really tough :face_with_monocle::thinking::thinking:

Edit: well I flipped a coin :shushing_face:


We all make up Team Electroneum, and your comments are very kind, but realize this mega production reel is nothing without the community behind it. Like the video says, the community is one of Electroneum’s greatest assets of all.

If the content inspires you, feel free to share wherever you see fit. If your network extends to Japan, Korea, India or China consider sharing one of the translations, the viewers will be delighted :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:


This video is just amazing

tears in my eyes


Exactly the presentation the Gala evening needs @MSystem.


Peep, voted!
Ding. 20sqrl


It is settled! Is there a doctor in the house??? I think our award winner is going to have a FOMO induced heart attack!

As chosen by the community, @Tanwax , you are our winner! Your hat and ETN apparel won the hearts of our attendants! 1000 ETN is on it’s way!

Now, for another chance at 1000 ETN, give us your best rousing speech. @Jeff_Knight and @MSystem hve submitted an awesome video to het us started. Now is your time to shine as the Electroneum Gala continues!


@BigBrother305 YAY! That’s amazing. Congrats @Tanwax :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::kissing_heart:

I naturally shyed away from voting but I would have voted for @Tanwax! A true ETN superstar with a genuine and infectious smile, and inducer of much hearty ETNthusiasm! Well done!


Great result and once again well done from the UK @Tanwax


Congratulations @Tanwax!
Well done @sallypinkhair
Its never a loss when you have a cat that plays a harp!
Youre a winner in my books.
Good effort!


One of the best presentations I’ve seen, smart and professional Another great asset for the ETN team and community. Well done.