First Annual Electroneum Gala


What do you mean a shout out?


An acknowledgement/mention /compliment!!


You mean on a video? Can you link it me please?


I seem to recall it was in one of his emails to us somewhere.
While you are centre stage Id like to thankyou personally for the work you do for us as investors.
Thankyou to all the team who go largely unseen
Stop on by the Gala and say hello!


Wait, where’s @B.F.A? Have we got an update on his epic journey?

First by boat, then by car, what’s next? Motorcycle?


Im guessing snowmobile where he is at the moment.!


(just for fun)


@B.F.A would probably say…


The way it is… so lets go again :slight_smile:


To day i did a the part on 2 wheels


Excellent! What a view in that first pic! :+1:


Only 12 hours left for our first event to close! ( I am going off of USA Eastern time.)


ETN bound and down, keep on riding @B.F.A! You got time.

:notes: We got a long way to go, and a short time to get there… :notes:


Sweet memories on that one @Dr_Jan_Itor


In case anyone missed it, there are community tees for sale in the lobby next to the giant Electroneum statue. I just picked up mine that reads: " @Pahini never sleeps." XD Pick one up and let us know which you bought!


Just a quick fly-by from myself! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m thinking of ordering some pizzas for everyone but dont want to be remembered as that guy who spent 50,000 ETN on pizza in years to come


One of our dedicated troopers put this T-shirt together for me after withdrawing from a heated FUD session one day when I was actually driven to the point of nearly flagging someone.
I thought it “seized the moment”



One hour left til the announcement of our first award winner. Take your seats, after the first award is presented the speeches will begin! At the end of the speeches, another award will be presented. I am @BigBrother305 , your host for the First Annual Electroneum Gala!


Sir Richard sends his apologies…
He said something about a trip to the moon.
He did however leave this message for the Electroneum Gala…