Fight The FUD Club Round 1!


I found this little beauty.
Sorry its not exactly Electroneum, we are however voting on John Dough’s twitter channel against digibyte next.
@KarEnTam will be posting a link on ETN vs Verge topic.
Meanwhile…for your amusement.Screenshot_2018-11-27-16-27-46-1


This is some tough stuff for first time investors, no doubt. Nerves of steel and a long-term time horizon are just what the doctor ordered . . .


diazepam or alcohol makes it easier to hodl now, but i would not recommend mixing them


Magnesium is a much safer choice.
Unless youre on medication for High blood pressure.
If only we could give the Crypto market magnesium…
We could stabilize the acid/ alkaline balance!,!
This may or may not constitute wishful thinking.
I certainly do not give medical advice.


Electroneum will need to show a lot of strength in 2019. It needs to rollout its strategic partnerships very effectively, supported by strong Facebook and other marketing. Get one chance to get confidence right in the marketplace. Then ETN to the MOON!


Thats the spirit.
Wheres @Squidward_nakamoto?
3 days ago he was about.
Come back squiddly!


I was thinking the same…


He was active 3 hours ago.
Ive asked for his support!


Hey guys! Thanks for the love. I’ve been buried, starting a new job in January and things are crazy. Plus the market stinks . . .

But I’m here!

You guys are the best.


Give a Squid a litlle bit of a squeeze and “hey presto”…hes black!
Good to see youre back around the traps!


Nice to see you @Squidward_Nakamoto :green_heart::chipmunk:


Hi everybody friends! here it is my new mantra: your doubts are my strenght. Your fear is my joy, your uncertainty is my smile. OHM


Love it @Stefo
You’re speaking my language!!


We miss you Squiddly.
Stay safe in the thicket.
Good to hear from you.
Got to revive your topic soon .
Theres FUD to be FOUGHT. !!


Squiddy back?
Buried in work still? @Squidward_Nakamoto


I PMd him very briefly before.
Very busy !
He’ll be back!


Squid, …pending…


Na…Squiddly is Copyright Material.


Squid hope your new job will be full of satisfactions and money. Good luck my friend


A very happy New Year to you all! Here’s to a 2019 filled with happiness, peace, and our favorite coin on an upward trend!