Exodus listing?

Does anyone know if and how listing on an exchange wallet like Exodus is in ETN’s future? I would love to see them add this awesome coin.

It just happens that yesterday I was wondering the same thing, so I mailed Exodus team. You can find the answer below:

''Hi Raul,
Thank you for reaching out and asking about Electroneum. It’s very important to us that you took the time to write to us and ask about it.

Adding assets into Exodus is a lengthy and challenging process.
We have extremely high standards for the experience and design of our wallet, and we don’t like to compromise on them just to force new assets in.

Although we do not have the timeframe for when Electroneum will make it into Exodus, I want you to know we are working hard on adding new assets constantly.
I have tagged your interest in this asset. I’ll be sure to send you a message when I have updates about it.

Have a fantastic day.

Kind regards,


That is awesome! Where or what was the link you sent it too? I will do the same, maybe if they get enough hits they will say “hey this coin is being requested a lot and put it on their wallet?” Great reply, Cheers!

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Yes, I just emailed them at support@exodus.io, and in basically 7 minutes, they already answered.
It is my favorite wallet too, this is why I want ETN to be on it as well.
A few months ago I wanted Ripple and right now we have it, so who knows.

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Awesome! Well thanks for the post,I am sending them an e-mail right now! I wonder if I will get the same message you did!

Ok, do it and get back here with the answer. They have a strong team, really well organised, I trust them completely.

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Agreed! I used them right out of the gate just over a year ago. At first they were pricey but then modified their costs making it way better to use, transfer etc. I also love the look and feel and having an exchange inside of the wallet itself is insanely awesome!

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That integrated exchange is gold!
This is actually a great idea you have.
The more of us who email Exodus, the more chances to get it listed as soon as possible.

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Awesome work @eFiJy they didn’t say if it would come but it’s definitely on their mind now that might get them to consider ETN in the future! :sunglasses:

Yes, they are very thorough in accepting assets to their wallet, but I like their approach.
And they have updates at 2 weeks or so, and during each update, new assets are added.
For the people who are not using it at the moment, I strongly advise you to do it. I asked them about an upcoming smartphone app as well, because right now, there isn’t one, and it seems that this is on the verge of being launched soon, for both Android and iOS.
At the moment, they hold 46 main assets, as well as 52 Ethereum assets (like Veritaseum, Qtum, Ethos, EOS, AirSwap, Dentacoin, etc), so 98 total assets. And the next update is in a few days, so we may reach 100 assets.
Not to mention that its design is the best out there.
And the built-in exchange is, as I said before, gold!

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They responded back with a very interesting response. I will post when I get home. This is positive news.


Now you made me excited @Thunder can’t wait till your home coming news! :open_mouth:


Okay everyone, so some very interesting news. Our community thrives and just maybe if we all work together we can initiate change and continue to help spread the ETN word. Building community one e-mail, one act of kindness, and one person at a time!

First big kudos to @eFiJy who responded quickly to my original comments in regards to Exodus a cryptocurrency wallet possibly picking up ETN as a future listed coin. After talking with @eFiJy I reached out enthusiastically to Exodus via e-mail and within minutes here was the response they gave me,

|Julian Polzin||Thu, Sep 20, 11:02 PM (11 hours ago)| (I copy and pasted my conversation and their response, some script/pictures did not translate well like his picture and such but the content is all here)

ME: |Hello, I am a huge fan of your wallet and absolutely love it! I am wondering if you will be adding Electroneum (ETN) to the wallet in the future as it is my favorite coin!

Their Employee:|Petromir K||Thu, Sep 20, 11:17 PM (11 hours ago)|

Hey Julian,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

I have tagged your interest in this asset, and we will explore all possibilities for adding it to list of supported assets inside the wallet.

Electroneum isn’t an asset we’re heavily considering for Exodus addition right at this moment, but this can always change based on customer input! What is it about ETN that appeals to you most?

If ETN were added to Exodus, would you be interested in using it in our Exchange tab or would you primarily use Exodus to store your ETN long-term?

Thanks again for taking the time to reach out to us, your feedback is always welcome!

My Response: I would use it for both, long term and exchange trading. I love the coin because they have a phone app where you can earn their token for free and they have just recently had the ability to get their API set up with merchants globally thrusting their price up, and giving easier access to their coin worldwide. This means I can walk into any store and pay with ETN for daily goods and services. This is not only convenient but will ultimately change a lot of lives for people especially in countries where that could be a make or break situation. https://hacked.com/electroneum-coin-price-surges-31-on-launch-of-instant-crypto-payment-app/ Richard Ells and the team are transparent and easy to reach, and the community is strong and growing. For these reasons I believe they would be a great fit for Exodus in my opinion. Cheers!

Then within minutes he responded with this,

|### Petromir K|8:29 AM (2 hours ago)

Hey Julian,

Thank you very much for this extensive feedback, it is much appreciated!

I am really happy to hear that you find this token so useful and you see a great future in this project. We will certainly explore all possibilities to add it to the list of supported assets inside the wallet.

Please do stay in touch and let me know if you ever have any other suggestions on which assets to add. Also, don’t hesitate to reach back out to me in case you have a suggestion on how we can improve in general or you just want to provide more feedback about the wallet.

All my best,

So in conclusion if others in our ETN community do the same as I and @eFiJy did and reach out to them, I believe they will realize the community is strong and add the coin to their wallet. As their wallet has an internal exchange built in that means you can trade BTC, ETH, LTC and other alt coins for ETN and Vice Versa! How cool is that? This was really exciting and I am stoked to see where it may lead! Onwards and upwards! ETN for the WIN! Happy Dance! :blush:


support@exodus.io here is the e-mail I sent my request off to as have others please feel free to do the same Cheers and have a great day! :slight_smile:

Way to go man! They’re really professional, I believe they have a lot of employees, as they can respond to emails in a matter of minutes.
ETN being accepted by Exodus would be much better than using paper wallet, at least for me.

For all the other guys/gals out there, if you are not using Exodus at the moment, you should do it, as it is the best option for your assets.
And if we have more writing them regarding ETN, I am sure they will soon accept it.

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I was truly impressed with their response time and that they did not give me a generic response but asked why I liked it and what I planned on using it for! To me that was very professional and exciting. Oh man when this happens I will be so happy! Solid gold my friends, solid gold!!!

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Awesome News @Thunder that is going to be great for sure hopefully one day they will add it :open_mouth:

Hopefully someone else is using it as well, not only us two.