ETN up by 161% in a week


The price is going up insanely fast. There are no other coins in top 100 performing so well. Surely some of this upwards direction in 24h is caused by not being able to deposit ETN to exchanges. So what do you guys think, is it time to make a short time frame trade and sell some and buy back more after the dip when the deposits are back in action?

Nope, with the good news that has been coming out and the marketing on the verge of going live, I’m not interested in selling a single coin. I’m holding tightly! :slight_smile:


Shorters are cancer for this market!

Now is the time to get in and hodl as much as you can! :sunglasses:

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Alright, tell me when it is time to sell then :wink: I just want to make my amount of ETN go up.

I don’t know when to sell but with ETN’s future it could give huge returns :wink:

I am fully aware of that :smiley: But if you can time your trades correctly you can rise in the amount of ETN you have AND enjoy the rising of the price :sunglasses:

If I had know 2 weeks ago ETN would rise this much so quickly I would have sold my car to purchase more coins.


And if people wait 2 more weeks, they may say the same thing again!
No time like the present, since the past can’t be reached anymore.


Not saying we can predict ETN’s price movement, but remember that in this market a short term explosion is not necessarily followed by an immediate correction. If you remember Ripples XRP last year, it sat around $0.03 for a very long time before jumping up over 60x over the matter of a week. It then not only maintained that range for months, but was followed by a second rally with all the other Alts later.
Not to mention ETN’s fundamentals look so much better to me than XRP’s did then.

I can’t imagine selling now in the hopes of buying more on the drop. It would hurt so much to watch the ship sail off at the wrong time. That’s just me.



Ripples first rally, not including it’s second rally which took it into the dollar range.

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Yeah I think you are right in mid term perspective. I just have strong feeling that we might see something like 10% dip when the deposits come back online in really short term, but that is only my opinion. Of course I will not risk all my holdings, only like 25% of holdings (those that are already in the exchange and not in cold storage).

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Oh boy was I wrong on this one :joy: