ETN trading volume


I have a question. If ETN is signing up approx 4,000 new users every day, and currently has around 2.8m registered users, why is its daily trading lower volume than $100k (or just slightly higher)?

I would have expected ETN daily volumes traded to be significantly higher - into the $millions atleast, just by looking at the user and registration numbers.

What seems to be going wrong here?


Choking the volume with large walls…
Wont be trading if no one looks and see no chance of getting some swings of trade, any way


Well one reason might be that a lot of new users are part of the 99%. They understand and like the free ETN and just enjoy that waiting for more from the project. My sister I started on iOS is one of those. They are not active on an exchange or other. First I taught her about cloud mining and referrals/bonus. Today I taught her about sending and receiving ETN (gave her two lots of 10 ETN). She will get our sister on the iOS app in the weekend and use some of it to transfer 10ETN. It was fun. I have told her about the blockchain. I will show her about exchanges soon. :slight_smile: @ETNCEO

Another reason will be that the ecosystem earn and spend platforms are not yet released (apart from some venders).

I am looking for the next few weeks to see volume in the run-up to MWC and afterwards (may provide some signals about what is happening behind the scenes of the project). I expect to see partnerships/platforms etc to start to play a role in volumes. We seem to have seen a bit of that on a few days (in the last week or two) with Sistemkoin.


Need some beef to my promo soon, yes, been doing less due to everybody i get in is only loosing money. A steady ok growt is enough. But no fun brag future when its only downwards. People is simple, and unpatienced.
But the banked fat here aint main target either…