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As the emas move closer together, they create a stronger resistance, so that is the problem for now, unless it gains some good strength and cracks right through.
If the emas fan out a little it will be easier for it to break through each once successively.

I can’t help but buy a little more here and there, it will have its day.


Not a technical post or anything. Just a post in a different perspective. I still hold a fairly decent belief in my previous post above for a Quick oppurtunity.

But a nice chart on 6 months and 1 year in a different perspective then candlesticks
I find candlesticks sometimes to be overwhelming when zooming way out there.

6 months

1 year

What can be said currently though is that we seem to be finding some type of strucutre on the ema ribbons for the weekly chart,

Any Daily bars for me currently is nonsens and I expect the weekly ribbon could see a strong wick under the ribbon.

Not Financial advice as per usual this is just for fun for me.


We finally break out of that triangle. Unfortunately to the downside which is not great news ofcourse. Volume is missing as well so bigger moves may be coming.

So my guess is more sideways and slightly down movement till we see something happening (Panic sell or Buyers gaining confidence).



Volume of ETN is huge today (1.5 mil ) across all exchanges. Indeed the price dipped once but the RSI confirmed a buying opportunity on smaller timeframes than the daily. With bitcoin sitting and pushing against its resistance (12.5k ) these times are reaally exciting.


Time to see if ETN can hold this very important area or if we test the lows again on ETN/BTC.

While BTC is rising strongly the alts obviously go down against btc. But in my opinion the current news towards bitcoin leads new speculators into the crypto world and at some point they probably transfer some BTC to alts :smiley: We will see.

I dont see any trade in the chart at the moment.


BTC killing it :smiley:


Any ta on possible moves for btc? Should be going down because its the weekend?

If the current weekly candle closes above $12450 and not below, then get ready for a huge move up.

ETN looks like it wants to touch the 35 sats area, the resistance that we broke, has now gone below 35 sats level.


I’ll bite. I haven’t posted much TA lately:)

This is BTC on the Weekly chart on Gemini (I’m using Gemini because it’s one of my only clean charts)

We have a beautiful bull pennant (remember this is on the weekly, so it’s a much larger time frame) that BTC broke up from back in July. In August and September is came back down to test support of the former resistance.

Long story short, support got confirmed and we are seeing the break up from the bull pennant. The measured move for this break up is ~$28,500. Fibinachi retracement shows we will see some resistance between $13,500 to $16,400. We’re not going to rocket straight to $28,500 (nor would we want ti if we want sustainable price growth). There will be some ups and downs on the way there (but who knows…this is crypto and we’re seeing A LOT of main stream acceptance). But to be honest, I don’t see that fib level being TOO much of a pain. There has not been a lot of trade action in these levels and higher…so anything can happen. Once it gets to $28,500…we’ll see what happens. TA is going to be useless until we see some market structure taking shape in these new price levels.


BTC looks really strong at the moment.

On the hourly i’m watching if we form a H&S pattern and get some pullback over the weekend.


Seems that ppl are throwing alts and fiat into BTC.

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