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Did I read this correctly… “reversing trends within a decade”?

Where do you see support being in a bearish sense?

Agree with the sentiment re 2000 daily usd but is it maybe too soon for this to be taking effect?

Bearpennant aswell on the chart so anytime here soon I will have my targets fulfilled hopefully! Unfortunately though, they are the wrong sided targets for most of us.
Not much to do really, there is no demand in existance. Top-ups won’t pump our prices as those transactions are nothing else then transactions between 1, 2 and 3 hands back into fiat. Doubt anyone who sells top-ups actually keep their ETN. But what do I know.

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support is roughly in the regions of 0.004USD. Most and furthest traded activity there in those regions.
Well honestly, we’re sitting on support at 0.0055 USD aswell. Fairly strong that is also.
But I just think we need to backtest the low supportive regions.

The furthest USD chart on ETN in existence.
Dec 2018-> today
1W chart


Seems like the BTC surge was the catalyst of this big drop. Slightly disappointing we haven’t had a bounce back up like most of the other alts though yet. Maybe ETN is just lagging behind a little.

Nothing what so ever to do with BTC IMO. It was fairly obvious we was gonna go back to 46-48 sats in the bare minimum. But the fact that BTC pumped whilst we capitulated gives us a even further lower BTC target for the USD value to retrace into it’s targeted regions. That’s why i barely care of ETNBTC pairing as everyone who has ever bought ETN knows what USD value the coin was at that time, BTC value can fluctuate 100s% with the USDETN value remaining the same.
I think we can completely ignore the whole broad crypto market as we are not involved within the current crypto community. And they sure won’t get involved with us either.

Though, do I think 42-46 sats will be broken? It really shouldn’t.

What is important is that the USD chart can remain its 2 year support.
We have had 3 years of involvement within the cryptospace, and we had a couple of months @ launch where crypotspace liked us. I doubt any major % of crypto people will ever look our way again. That bridge is closed, gone and spread with poisonous instantkill gases.

I have also said this a couple of times before. The ETN coin value really doesn’t have to be worth more then 0.005 USD. It can be worth 69K, or 0.00001USD, the project will work out exactly the same regardless of what the price of ETN is.

Though, one would think that it is better for the project does the coin value increase to some greater numbers, but honestly. That wont happen unless we get new investors coming into the scenery. And where do we find them? Also no idea, apparently not the route the team is taking right now. But their focus is on adoption and not price.
With greater adoption we could potentially see price rise, but It isn’t a guarantee. I doubt anyone of the partners is actually holding onto much of their ETN paid top ups. But on the other hands, do they hold. We should be seeing some price action to reflect that within the coming months. As I have been watching the blockexplorer and on every page there is really an asthonishing amount of topups going through every hour, every day.

All I really got to say right now is that I’m happy to see so very many top-ups actually coming through every hour. Quite epic I must say.

BTW not an financial advisor.


And to put some pictures into context. We are either leaving the bearish pennant right now, or likelier we are continueing the pattern as a triangle.
Both scenarios are bearish in pure TA terms.
And both patterns coincides with my months upon months old target. I won’t be satisfied until i see 0.004 USD on the chart.

As you can see, we left the bearpennant, and we backtested the support from it and was rejected.
Triangle still in play, and a triangle have since my day and age always been 100% bearish breakout.

Best of luck everyone. Personally I must admit, im getting burnt out. I want the team to list us on exchanges that is NOT manifested with bots and pumpetitions.
As long as we let the bots dictate our price we will never be able to push up as the bots are programmed to sell off for profits, and without actual flooded investors joining in. The bots will win this market.

Sorry for long posts, sorry for negative attitude. But it is due time we get an actual real exchange, I don’t even understand why we are not listed on either of these exchanges coinbase, binance, kraken, digifinex,gemini. Will any of these help price, not exactly. Will it help for people that might want to invest. Definitely. Will it help traders? Definitely. Will it be of benefit for the project? Definitely.

Could add that this is what I’m looking at for a longer time period. Which is looking much more nice compared to the more immediate times.
1W chart

Not an financial advisor, definitely not an expert on markets, all I say is purely my thoughts and my beliefs.


I belive definetly our price will go up when remaining of 3.8 billion coins will go for circulation… but not sure how long it takes. Hopefully the company will try to change crypto community (investors) mind… for positive way of seen ETN. As far as I understand part of phase 2 will focus on that.


1W chart
Let’s see if weekly wave 3 will validate throughout next month.
Roughly 0.02USD target for wave 3, and wave 5 should make us run above the parabolic runup we had when instant payment went live.

1D chart

It would be good for the community of ( crypto ) if we somehow could validate wave 3 in the coming week or 2.
Not financial advice :smiley:


You seem a little more upbeat Winky… good to see :+1:

As you say, the catalyst last time was; a) the insta-pay and b) think it was the first time the price had pulled back to ICO of roughly $0.005. The catalyst for the last pump seemed to be price, in as much as it had dropped all the way to lowest ever price of $0.0018, or thereabouts. As my old grandad used to say… if it gets any lower, it will drop off the coupon!

What will be the catalyst this time? Not the lowest ever price we have had and the double halving has come and gone, (had a bit of a run up to 72 before dumping to where we are now). You still think we need to get to roughly $0.004 before a reaction?

I would be chuffed if the charts play out, but we see so many of these for ETN that come and go.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

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I’m still holding my thumbs that we will see 0.0045 USD before we can attempt to fulfill leg 3-4 and 5 on the weekly frames.

The reason for why i WANT to see it is because then I have successfully called the peak, retracement bottom,retracement peak and the bottom for the continuation of the run. :smiley:

Looking at my above post, you can see also that the triangle formation is ending pretty spot on at 0.0045 USD which is my MAIN target for pullback. A lucky scenario for buyers they can see a wicker in 0.004, but the fact that we have actually left the triangle and just trailing it downwards since tells me that we are not finding good momentum yet, we can expect a decent wick to the downside. Would we have remained within the triangle still the wick would have probably been a full closed bar instead.

I will try and find some pictures that tells you in more specific why I have been bearish for so long.



This picture tells us exactly why there is such a huge struggle to break up here. Look at this resistance. Years upon years of resistance and we’re riding it right now.


I keep so many pictures so I really couldn’t find what I’m searching for, had some extemely detailed pictures. But luckily I could find atleast some minor ones from a PM discussion I had with someone :slight_smile:


I hope your last two calls come to fruition, (bottom at 0.004>0.0045) and run above the insta pay pump, which is memory serves me was around 0.025 - but I will be more than happy with 0.002 :wink:

This is ETN though, anything can happen :roll_eyes:

Thank you for the analysis.


Definitely anything can happen. Nothing is written in stone. Do I think we will get a leg 3? Yes.
Am I depending on it? no.
Do we deserve it? yes.
Am I expecting it? honestly, I was bomb secure we would rocket off 0.0045 when we got there again.
But as per usual, the longer the market drags out, the more you doubt it.
So as per emotional feeling Im thinking down more more more.
Emotional feelings usually doesn’t come to fruition though.

We are definitely oversold no doubt about it.

Not financial advise :smiley:


What if we are still in Wave 2 (initially thought we broke out of Wave 2) correction in ETN/USD ? We may go up to 0.0042 that someone called out already in this thread. Basically we shot up in less than 3 weeks and we take around 3 months to correct.


New trading competition on BIKI !! Hold on to your hats everyone… ETN already started selling off on Kucoin :pensive:

I had a buy order in but have withdrawn that for now :grimacing:


Isn’t this the same exchange that had the worst out of all pumpeitions last time we we’re listed there?
Ah well, atleast we might see some washtrading volume get up in the millions again ^^

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It was a brand new exchange for ETN about 6-months ago. It only had the USD pair. It had a zero pump effect and a negative impact on ETN’s price.

Yeah I know it had 0 effect on the price, luckily since it was only a couple friends washing with themselves. It certainly had a bunch of volume and same orders going in and out repeatedly after each other…
But I wonder, why we’re we delisted in the first place and then again relisted.

I don’t follow Winky, delisted from where? We initially only had a USD pairing on BIKI, now they have added a BTC pairing.

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I had noticed the pairing didn’t show on coinmarketcap a couple weeks ago which made me think we we’re delisted then, without actually looking it up further then so. :smiley:
But aah I see, good to know.

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