ETN Stickers are Officially HERE!


Hey @Dr_Jan_Itor I’m sure my printer could- the only thing is they have very large minimum orders for custom printing.

If you wanted a handful of them printed, you would be better off using a company like stickergiant or another company that can do custom printing for small quantities :slight_smile:
Good luck! Shoot me a PM if you have any other questions along the way if you decide to go for it

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Ordered a pack of stickers. Felt a little guilty not purchasing with ETN but at the current price the 1600 plus ETN needed reminded me of the 100 bucks of ETN I bought at .16 haha. So sorry for the betrayal folks, I used Paypal. That said, I am still interested in some larger exterior stickers for my work trucks, as per an earlier discussion, but we can discuss that once I have had some time with this sticker pack. Thanks for the wok Annastasia. Looking forward to shilling in Canada. Cheers.


ooh thank you! I’ll mail them off tomorrow :slight_smile:
I won’t be making larger stickers for trucks due to sizing and huge increase in postage fees. I’m just going to sell the bundles I have.
You’ll have to check out the inventory on redbubble for that to see if any of those suit your needs


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I know people who can make what I need, just kinda wanted to keep it in the ETN family. No biggie! Looking forward to irritating my wife by sticking some on her Subaru lol

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Awesome! Post some pics if you can- I would love to see :smiley:

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Will do! 20 characters.

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@Annastasia I know this will make some people whine because there like don’t pick on other coins but I don’t care. When I was younger on my truck I had a little Ford man pissing on a Chevy. I would like a electroneum man pissing on bitcoin. That would be amazing!


hahaha that would be cool! You would probably have to find a company who does single sticker printing, since my supplier has such large minimums- but if you get it printed- you’l have to show us :sweat_smile:

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I will :slight_smile:

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Cant wait to recieve them! :slight_smile: Can you put the stickers on a window of a car? It was great to pay with ETN!


Welcome @5bb8de2586d11d84027b and thanks for supporting the ETN community! :grinning:

I’ll let @Annastasia answer your question but being cut vinyl decals, you should have no problem putting them on the exterior of a vehicle or window. Wouldn’t recommend that if they were paper based. Not sure what the thickness of them is for durability, but heck you get 10 at a time.


Awesome! yep they will work well on a car window since they are vinyl material- they will be weatherproof :slight_smile:


Have these arrived yet? Or have we just missed it?


I still did not recieve them. Hope they will come. :slight_smile:

Edit: thanks!! I got them today. They look great and I will put one on my car.


Still waiting for them

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yay thanks! great news :slight_smile: usually they take about 10 days to arrive depending on your location - hm that’s odd @DaSonixier i mailed yours off the day you ordered - let’s give them until the end of the week and shoot me a pm if you still haven’t got them- i’ll re mail them.

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Haha to the moon !


Stickers arrived in Western Canada today! Thanks @Annastasia. been raining the last couple of days, once the weather clears up I will put some on my work trucks and send some pictures! Thanks again, and for the extra time you spent sending me a personal hand written note.


OMG that sticker is sooooo cool :slight_smile:

Well done @Annastasia great art work!

Get your ETN stickers today! And MOON! :slight_smile:


when Stickers?