ETN shoud update Wallet Exchangers


Vebitcoin = delisted ETN
Coinspot = delisted ETN. (Edit: It was listed my mistake)
Qcryptos is now called Liquid and is bigger than Cryptopia,Kuocin,Coinbene.
Fix exchanges list, change logo of Qcryptos, remove Vebitcoin/Coinspot.
I hope HiBTC will add ETN this year.


Not sure what your talking about Coinspot has delisted ETN
They still have ETN Listed


I missed maybe coinspot yea but Vebitcoin you can check there no etn.
Also Qcryptos there no Qcryptos anymore in coinmarket now is called Liquid.


Well I do agree with you that they should update the Exchanges page with Qcryptos to Liquid and remove Vebitcoin if they don’t have it anymore


Also exchanging ETN is maplechange and palitanx. They are both showing on blockfolio.



The Wallet Exchange list on the app needs to be updated…



ETN shoud update Wallet Exchangers

Please read the messages in the thread :slight_smile:


Verbitcoin has been removed, Coinspot haven’t delisted us and Qryptos will be updated to Liquid momentarily.



Awesome … Thanks


I can see vebitcoin still listed, also qcryptos not changed to liquid.
printscr / kyxcx5


You might need to clear the cache CTRL + F5