ETN Rewards System for World of Warcraft Guilds

On Yavin lands a world’s first for crypto by launching an Electroneum reward system with Ants, a World of Warcraft guild. The Electroneum advisor and CEO of Cointelligence has agreed to launch the ETN reward scheme pilot this week in a move aimed at involving more guilds and, ultimately, Blizzard.

You can read the full announcement over on our newsroom.


This is potentially massive !!

Nice one On !!!


It is only a rewards system test…BUT in theory ETN could replace the entire gold system in the game. I havent played in a few years, but I remember gold was so inflated that it meant nothing.


Excellent idea and could also be implemented into concepts such as conflict middle East, LSI and red storm rising and numerous others.
Will do some research into the CRW structure and SBS along with 22 regiment and D squadron and post the results.

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This is incredible news! I’ve been playing Blizzard games for almost 2 decades on and off. I’d absolutely love to see this eventually turn into a deal with Blizz directly, massive massive game dev. On Yavin really did a wonderful job setting this up & I can very much see that deal coming to fruition.

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