ETN price prediction Tracker!


Detailed breakdown for the price prediction


Kinda irrelevant actually.


Это бред etn намного раньше достигнет данной цены а прогнозы это пальцем в небо


This count is made with actual market cap plus volumes. It doesn’t count if in the future will come important partnership or how many people and vendors will introduce ETN as a regular payment. Am I wrong?


Is kind relevant. You must also ask yourself this. How much will the USD be in 2023?

Stephen S


Depends… But i don’t think will change too much from today. USD will be still the most valuable currency and all market will depend on it. Maybe 2 dollars are circa 1,50 of these days. The problem of this price prediction is that doesn’t count how many billions will be in the cap. That is most relevant, i think