ETN price discussion

Current value holding at $0.003459 I hope it rises soon. It has 9.9 Billion coin circulation! Is it worth to invest in ent?

Do your own research and decide. Standard stuff.


don’t invest. send your etn to me:)


Me too. We will split it @lkelemen lol. Worth a try lol

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It is a great project but nobody can say for certain if the price will rise. Probably everyone here believes it will rise and is worth investing. But if it goes down, only the one doing the investment can take the responsibility for their success or failure.

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This is investment advice - yes i recommend it - just be patient and in a few years you can retire

too early to judge as the product ( is not yet ready unless you are a futureteller and you know what will happen. but then please tell me what will be the price of btc or eth on 9.jan.2021 at 14 o’clock. thanks:)

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