ETN needs to take advantage of this Bitcoin Cash Hash war

While Roger Ver and Craig Steven Wright fight it out like children , damaging the reputation of crypto , ETN needs to move forward and use its Fiat Pairings to decouple from the chains of BTC and move up swiftly !!

ETN does not need to be effected by this it can actually capitalize on this situation and move up , where as all other Alts are subject to BTCs stranglehold

It is breaking away from BTC, slowly but it is. Here, do this everyday - go to ETN on CMC website. Click on markets now go to the price column and click on price to sort the markets by price. Some of the fiat pairings are at the top of the list so just watch the volume level on those as they approach ETH and BTC trading pairs with ETN.
Also you will see if you click on charts and then 1day chart we do not follow the BTC value all the time. We go in the opposite direction sometimes whether it be up or down. So now here is the last part to increase that fiat volume trading and it requires something from you and all of us. Go to the online shops that use woocommerce, joomla and magento and ask them to accept Electroneum as payment.


well thats my point exactly , i was giving an overview of how ETN can and is capitalizing on this , and while the top 20 squable ETN is getting on with the business of becoming a global brand with global reach and significance .By the way i do understand the aspects you mentioned regarding ETNs volume etc my points is more a reinforcing message to all those who think ETN is a scam we are actually perfectly positioned as a project that has the best chance than all of the rest to actually make a real difference in the world !