ETN market Awareness


Hello guys,good day.I and a colleague of mine are looking at how we can advertise ETN to students in my school here in Nigeria but we haven’t really done anything of such before…pls your ideas are welcome on how to go about it…We also want to be on Fully customised ETN apparel…We believe it would yield positive result for mass adoption at least from our local niche considering the huge population of students here


You can make flyers in which you can present all the ETN ecosystem. The wallet, the app, the goals, etc.


OK great idea,we’ll work on it


If they all have smart phones write up a tutorial and show them how fast and easy it is to use and spend ETN.

Demonstrate the instant payment to someone in the USA or some other part of the world.

Explain the wonderful security features of ETN and KYC. Let them know and understand that this is going to be an integral part of there lives. There is also a great appeal site you can use to purchase with ETN if you wish. [}


Focus on practical side. Show them the wallet and free mining, and what you can use it on now and in the future, as well as pay each other ETN, as well as price potential. Of course games are always fund at the age.


you can do some project that integrate ETN into it… example for those student who are taking IT…


Let them install the app, create a wallet and send each one of them a couple of ETN.

Explain to them what is happening and what the future goals are.