ETN game worldwide


Wouldn’t it be great if ETN had a game basically like Pokemon with hidden ETN coins all around the world, I can picture people running round like crazy in city’s, towns, villages all around the world trying to catch amounts of ETN. (Higher amount coins depending on how obscure the location of the coins is) Maybe it could be incorporated into the mobile miner, the miner works as normal but then you can give your balance a boost depending on how active you are trying to catch these coins, could be a great way to attract new members from all ages all around the world.

The mobile networks who can also help promote it will love it because people will be using their data at the same time. Everyone gets exposure have a bit of fun and get to find ETN coins!

Just a thought ! Big up ETN :call_me_hand:t4:


Sounds like a funny idea but i think it will be a lot of work for the ETN Team to put this out in the world :thinking:


Yeah I know we would all rather they concentrate on more pressing issues but I see nothing but exposure as people report on it in the news etc makes crypto a little less serious which may attract new people who are put off and have no idea about crypto, it can ease people in and all they have to do is download and sign up to ETN.


This is also marketing. So in the future, maybe they could come up with this sort of game.


Exactly my thinking :+1:t4:


Oh yeah most definitely @eFiJy but Marketing is Richards highest skill so we have to see what he is coming with to market ETN to the massive public i am sure he got really a lot of ideas and ways to show Electroneum around :wink:


This would actually be a decent business opportunity for a third party. Create the game, give out random coins like you suggest and then they sell advertising space to generate revenue.
Hmmmm …


Wish I was tech savvy enough to do it ! If someone does it bring me on board !


There is already something like that also called Aircoins maybe they could do something with them they got an app where you can get different coins already :thinking:

Also watch the crypto twins playing it :yum::


Ha always someone waaaaay a head of me :joy:



As ETN Hodler and crypto fan I today saw the John McAffee interview about Aircoin AR App. So I registered and tried the AR game to get these different coins.
Now my first thought was, wouldn’t it be great if ETN would be on this app to be collected. This would be another step to mass adoption of ETN if we could get a deal with them and ETN could be collected in this AR app additional to the mobile miner.

Best from Switzerland,