ETN food delivery service app to work together with current businesses that accept ETN


In many cities all over the world, food delivery is an up and coming trend where families and people who work in offices just would like to have food delivered to them. People who wanted to earn some extra $ would download an app and work as a delivery boy. They would look for a food delivery job near to them accept the job and collect the food and delivered it to the user who had bought the food online . It is pretty much like a taxi service like UBER and Grab ( which is famous in Asia ) however instead of people, food is being move from one destination to the end user destination.
One example of how this type of delivery app work is
(From Singapore).
ETN can look into this business model to compliment their whole range of crytpo currency model (which will unlike all others)
Imagine this scene in the future . Example , I have a pizza shop downtown which is an ETN partner and i accept ETN as payment for my Pizza . ETN has the same delivery app that uses ETN which partner with my pizza shop and work as my delivery option. My shop now has a delivery option which allows me to reach more potential customers. ETN has an app that allow more partnership and bigger exposure . One night , Guy A was working overnight and decide to order pizza from my shop, he open his ETN delivery app. find my pizza shop that accept ETN , using ETN to add on to the delivery service, he order a pizza from my shop using ETN.
Once the order is place, student A nearby my shop gets an alert that there a delivery job for pizza , he accepted the JOB from his app , pick up the PIZZA from my shop and delivered to Guy A and the student get paid in ETN . Student A then spread the news to his other friends and classmates that ETN can be earn if they wanna work as part time food delivery boys / girls . My Pizza shop gets more customers , ETN gets more exposure and earn thru various partnership . Mobile miner mining ETN from their phone has one more use for their ETN ( food delivery ) It will spread … one more step closer to mass adoption .

Do view this seriously as food delivery may seem small but with various cities in the world the market is huge. I am from Singapore and this type of services are picking up fast as people has lesser and lesser time eating out or sometimes just doesn’t feel like cooking .


We have skip the dishes, just eat, and uber eats here in canada. Then there is also grocery store services that will bring groceries to your home. I like this idea.


waoooooo.This is a great idea.We believe Richard Ells is collating all these ideas,because ETN is about us


I’d imagine this to be the sort of thing addressed by the Gig Guru website, once it goes live!


electroneum wechat pay


Ok who is going to be the 1st person to spend 10,000etn on a pizza like that guy who spent 10,000btc for pizza back in the day? :wink: