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Global listen to bad crypto podcast… it’s really bad people getting hijacked for crypto!!

A guy got took for 24 million and is suing for 224 million in the states… sweep was well annoyed and sue told sooty then corbet knew.

It all came out!!

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I was looking at their website too and this seems to be the company’s standard offer on their mobile network however you pay for a top up. Also, what are their plans on pushing advertising and awareness of their collaboration with Electroneum and the ability to pay for their service through cryptocurrency? They are not active on Twitter, for a year at least, and their Facebook page seem to mostly deal with queries from customers regarding their insurance services.

I would expect that the ability to pay for part, if not all, of a mobile phone bill with cryptocurrency would be plastered all over their social media and advertising as this is a world’s first, if I am not mistaken. This should be a big deal! :confused:

I know the deal has just been announced today but does that mean there’s going to be a delay in them disseminating this opportunity to their current and prospective customers? Doesn’t seem to have been a joint announcement which confuses me.


We nearly going to hit 4k new users in cloud mining in a time of 6 hours…

This is insane!


Exactly. Hopefully this will come next week? Joint advertising?


Cool - just subscribed to that. I work in fraud and AML compliance so well aware of the phone-jacking / sim-swap stuff that goes on here to facilitate banking fraud

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There has been a huge drive on awareness, Artis turba have promoted and others, but yea it does seem a bit fast…


its 4.000 in 6 hours … its 8.000 in 12 hours and 16.000 in 1 single day. Next , more people will join eventually so the pace will go up even more !
Im so sure its a hell of a lot ppl


One day. Just one day after all the months of hard work by the team. Boom! I just cannot type what I’m feeling. This is beyond…well anything I could have guessed. I had low expectations after all the talk of partnerships…are we going to partner with X? No, we lead, it’s just simply unfathomable…and we the community only know what we’ve been told. Oh
…I need a lie down. I’m…I don’t know what I am… GH didgeridoo Wiggin that’s all I can manage auto correct has taken over. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


And then when those 16,000 people each tell 5 more and things start going viral…


Brilliant what you think of Bitcoin!?

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Exactly ! You got my point.
Then even 5 ETN per day getting mined from those 16.000 people , its 80.000 ETN PER DAY. LOL.

only the 16k right . Imagine.

As ETN coins going “out of stock” , of course price will go up , i guess. Correct me if im wrong. but somehow its a point


They are so funny to its the guy that did the first iPhone app iFart and another dude all laffs and giggles!! Listen to it while on forum it’s great!!

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Not heard of AdBank before, i’ll take a look. The day job is running a team of developers for transaction monitoring systems for fraud and screening systems for KYC.

80000 ETN is 520€ right now. Imagine this team giving all that money for free. To me maybe is 0.02 per day. But to the mass… damn :joy:

Phones wont pay itselfs :joy::joy:

Adbank is fraud in advertising looks good I ICOed but don’t know if I should keep it!?

So your not M44FFW C0R3E7 :joy::rofl:

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lol, i’d hope not - he’s dead!!

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This has me laughing so hard. Lol

i cannot see minercount beeing any SA really, its too early, it must be others, cryptos, around the world.
the phone hasnt been pushed out yet.