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Its same people jumping on coins as worldgames inc and such. Quick scam cash.
But im baffled how long they stick, seeing there is no lead to mass use…

@BegaMutex @Egg any chance you can answer the Tech specs question on the M1 please?

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Only whats already on the site:

Its on a pic i saw. Snapdragon 1.3ghz, 5mpix, 8gb etc, its not important. Functions you need suited to the power. Its like a 3yo ok phone here

That’s unfortunate. I understand it’s a budget phone, not a flagship. Nevertheless, having tech specs detailed is something I’ve become accustomed to over the years.

Thankyou @BegaMutex very helpful.
Prompt too, I might add!!
Enjoying the ride I trust?

True, but there is a lot which can be extrapolated from such data. An example is battery life. We know the OS, we know the battery capacity, but we don’t know the chipset. Screen brightness is a variable here as well, with it’s own factors, but can be left out for napkin math.

Made the m1 spec gif…


My dad used a such upon recent, didnt really need a upgrade, only it was too scratchy and bad battery. He had his a long time.

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Alot of elder people here dont use phones any better than this, they aint so new/best focused as the young😂.
Crypto wont be total mass before a large generation is 2feet under.
I say 20years, maybe 50%.
Its still people here with no netbank and pay bills over the counter :joy:
I actually think the “poor” will outclass the west first. Etn is on to something


He could better write this article…imo…

Makes me a bit sad to see Etn red on such day, the team deserve a response in boom. :roll_eyes:
Hope they get it during week. Green smile


Still convinced we will see a good increase in price. Although it may be a couple weeks. Instant Payment Beta was released on Sep 10th and the price didn’t really start taking off until the 19th or 20th.


I am thinking it will happen the same in time :slight_smile:


i see the buzz spreads, so, that must get attention, cannot understand other.
we, holders, can value our coin ourselves better really if we want, its only to keep it, not selling.:blush:

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I suggest as we see new users trying to get use to the system and verified we as a community try to assist where we can. I’m noticing a incline in New users trying to get set up with kyc. Imo this is a important time because we do not want to lose users because of struggles with kyc. Many are confused and new and we are the original adaptors so let’s help out where we can and make this community bigger and stronger :+1:


Thats what us squirrels are here for …we are a silent part of the team.

Oh yeah …


Spot on @gjfrom :point_up:.

And one of Electroneum’s greatest assets is its community. That means you reading this, me, the Team and all supporters. :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:

:question::question:What are you doing beyond chatting in the Community amongst Community members to help spread awareness?:thinking: Do you like any of the ads or videos :heart_eyes:? I promise we did not make them because we were bored: If you like them then share them far and wide in every way you can (especially to those who are outside of this space).

I think as a Community we are doing awesome, and we must keep doing awesome! This is a phenomenal group far more talented and capable than most of us often realize. Special hat tip to @MSystem and the Electroneum Team!

:point_right:The best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone. If we each do our part these discussions of low price will be a thing of the past. We are unstoppable when we all work together :rocket::rocket::rocket:.



yup. i think my facebook friends is either very intrigued, or blocks me, by now. haha :joy:
today i have been on all channels, day off actually to follow etn, buckets of coffe and spread… lol
this path is just started @Jeff_Knight


Done done and done…